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Master's bottom line is safety!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  In our continuing efforts to keep you apprised of important safety issues concerning our products, a new education flyer has been produced.  This flyer, titled Accidents Happen, emphasizes caster safety and the hazards worn, damaged or improper casters can cause. CLICK HERE to view our flyer information.

The recent rise in lawsuits involving chair accidents makes us aware that too often caster safety is taken for granted.  Even when a new chair is sold, the casters supplied by the chair manufacturer must be checked to make sure they are correct for the floor surface being used.  Many new chairs are equipped with hard wheel casters for use on carpeted surfaces only.  Hard wheels skate and slide on hard floor surfaces.  For safe rolling on chairmats, and all hard floor surfaces, soft wheel casters should be used.  Soft wheels provide traction and prevent sliding.  Master's goal is to provide the information you need to understand the cause of caster-related chair accidents, provide solutions to protect you and your customers from liability and provide you the avenue to generate greater sales.  Here is your opportunity to pass along invaluable information to your customer so that they can use it to protect their companies.  Everyone wins.  Your sales staff has a different "door opener" to increase caster sales and the end user receives important safety knowledge that affects every one of this employess.

Safety flyers are available to you, dealer sales, telemarketing staffs, and for mailings to customers.  To place literature requests, call us at 1-800-323-5513 or Email us at master9200@mastermfgco.com

Master Casters "The Right Replacement", it's the safety thing to do!

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